Pi Pay, government partnership to ease payments of transport services 11-06-2018 Pi Pay will work with the government to facilitate payment of services provided by the Ministry of Transportation by enabling access to cashless solutions for all citizens. The memorandum of understanding, signed this week by Sun Chanthol, the Minister of Transportation and Public Works, and Thomas Pokorny, CEO of Pi Pay, will allow citizens to … Continue reading "Pi Pay, government partnership to ease payments of transport services" [...]
2018年 カンボジアの休日一覧 07-06-2018 1月1日(月) インターナショナルニューイヤー 1月7日(日) 虐殺政権(ポルポト政権)からの解放日 1月8日(月)振替休日 1月31日(水) 万仏祭 3月8日(木) 国際女性の日 4月14日(土)~16日(月) カンボジア正月 4月17日(火)振替休日 4月29日(日) 仏誕節・釈迦誕生日 4月30日(月)振替休日 5月1日(火) 国際労働者の日 5月3日(木) 王室耕起祭 5月13日(日)~15日(火) シハモニ国王誕生日祭 5月16日(水)振替休日 5月20日(日)追悼の日 5月21日(月)振替休日 6月1日(金) 国際子どもの日 6月18日(月) モニク前王妃誕生日 9月24日(月) 憲法記念日 10月8日(月)~10日(水) プチュン・バン(お盆) 10月15日(月) シハヌーク前国王追悼記念日 10月23日(火) パリ平和条約記念日 10月29日(月) シハモニ国王即位記念日 11月9日(金) 独立記念日 11月21日(水)~23日(金) 水祭り 12月10日(月) 国際人権の日 ※緑字:振替休日 [...]
UNDP and Grab to help fight traffic congestion 07-06-2018 The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and ride-hailing app Grab are partnering up to tackle traffic woes in Phnom Penh. Under a new agreement inked yesterday, Grab will gather data collected by its drivers and will make it available to the government and UNDP, who will use the information to improve traffic efficiency, enhance safety … Continue reading "UNDP and Grab to help fight traffic congestion" [...]
With support from Japan, mass transit system on track 06-06-2018 The government yesterday reassured the public that the automated gateway transit (AGT) system, an electric-powered mass transit system that will link Phnom Penh’s city centre with its airport, will be built as planned, after rumors circulated recently that the project may had been cancelled. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said the AGT … Continue reading "With support from Japan, mass transit system on track" [...]
Capital welcomes Exchange Square 26-05-2018 Property developer Hongkong Land yesterday officially launched its flagship development in the Kingdom, Exchange Square, a mixed-use building in the heart of Phnom Penh. With 26 floors and towering more than 117 metres above the ground, this new commercial building, shopping mall, and office tower will be home to the local offices of international organisations … Continue reading "Capital welcomes Exchange Square" [...]
Japan fights traffic congestion in capital with bus donation 24-05-2018 The Japanese government is planning a shipment of 140 medium-sized, brand-new city buses that will be given to the Kingdom as donation. The first shipment, consisting of 80 buses, will arrive in Phnom Penh next month, with the remaining vehicles sent to the Kingdom over the next two years, according to City Hall. The initiative … Continue reading "Japan fights traffic congestion in capital with bus donation" [...]