Water taxis chart a new course 22-04-2018 The first waterway taxi in Phnom Penh came into service on Friday, carrying people from the northern part of the city south to Takhmao city in Kandal province. A system to transport agricultural products will shortly follow. Under the management of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, three water taxis are in service from … Continue reading "Water taxis chart a new course" [...]
Visa puts its cards on the table 20-04-2018 Visa, the global payment company, aims to expand its electronic payments in Cambodia, seeing the country’s economic growth as a chance to expand. Sean Preston, Visa’s country manager for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, set out the investment expansion plan at a meeting with Economy and Finance Minister Aun Pornmonirath last week. “Visa has been cooperating … Continue reading "Visa puts its cards on the table" [...]
Railway line to Phnom Penh airport launched 20-04-2018   The railway line connecting the Phnom Penh train station to the airport was launched on Tuesday morning in a bid to ease traffic flow. Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, said on Tuesday that the train service would make it convenient for passengers to bypass much traffic. “The airport railway service will … Continue reading "Railway line to Phnom Penh airport launched" [...]
Airport rail link set to start 31-03-2018 The rail link from Phnom Penh International Airport to the city will be ready for service before the start of Khmer New Year in the middle of this month, officials say, as the first tests of the service were conducted on Sunday. The Royal Railways service connects the airport with the existing rail line. The … Continue reading "Airport rail link set to start" [...]
Phnom Penh Rising 2017 08-07-2017 文章をいれす [...]
Mizuho opens Phnom Penh branch 08-07-2017 Mizuho Bank, one of largest banks in Japan, has started operations in Cambodia with its first branch in Phnom Penh. Bank general manager Takeshi Fukui said the venture would provide financing to investors and entrepreneurs, both local and foreign, in Cambodia. “The branch opened on April 19 and is providing a source of finance in … Continue reading "Mizuho opens Phnom Penh branch" [...]