Agile Sky Residence

Phnom Penh


Agile Sky Residence is located on Phnom Penh Boulevard Monivong, a 1-minute walk to Beoung Kneg Kang 1, the premier residential area of ​​Phnom Penh.
Beoung Kneg Kang1 is the most popular location for foreigners such as foreign-owned restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets.

The property, which began construction in July 2019, can be purchased from the pre-build stage.
It is scheduled to be completed on October 15, 2022.
The property is backed by a construction delay guarantee, and after the scheduled completion date of October 15, 2022, 0.03% of the property price will be paid to the owner every day for 60 days.
In addition, after 60 days, there is a guarantee that 0.05% will be paid, so you can avoid the risk of condominium construction delays.
AgileSky Residence is guaranteed a 3-year (18% total) yield guarantee of 6% per year after completion.
Therefore, purchase the property at a low price and get capital after the property is completed.
Or you can buy it at a low price and get an income gain with a high yield after completion.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed property information.