The Cambodian Government has revised the entry requirements for foreign travellers entering the Kingdom, with varying measures depending on whether arrivals are sponsored or not.

The announcement came via a directive issued by Health Minister Man Bun Heng.

“Foreign arrivals from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the European Union and the US who have a sponsor, must produce a health certificate with negative COVID-19 results valid from within 72 hours of departure. They must then take a further test upon arrival and isolate in a hotel until the test results are released and show a negative result,” it said.

“They can then leave, however, they will be required to submit a schedule of their actions before they leave which will be kept by authorities and they must then keep to that schedule,” it said.

The directive said that sponsors of passengers must be an executive director, company shareholder, business association president, or investment project owner in a special economic zone, who are responsible for all expenses of those they guarantee, including the cost of treatment if they test positive for coronavirus at any stage.

Diplomats must also show a certificate to prove they are virus-free within 72 hours of their departure, followed by a test upon arrival, and wait at least 24 hours at a hotel or quarantine facility while waiting for their results, the directive said.

Meanwhile, arrivals from other countries or those who do not have sponsorship are now not permitted to self-quarantine. They must stay at a government-designated hotel for a mandatory quarantine of two weeks, with the $2,000 deposit and mandatory health insurance still a requirement.

In addition, Cambodian’s – holding either a Cambodian or foreign passport – must also undergo quarantine under the supervision of the state. They can choose to stay at state-run quarantine centres for free or at a designated hotel where they will be charged at the same rate as foreigners.

The new requirement will go into effect from November 18 onward, the Ministry directive added.