Business in selling land in lots in Cambodia

(Land banking)
Land banking is a type of investment which makes a profit by purchasing undeveloped land which will be developed and more valuable in the future.
We purchase a land which will be developed in the future.
The land is developed.
The value of the land rises.
4 keys to success

An increase of urban population

Population outflow into Phnom Penh, high birth rate, The average age of 25 years old.

Development of rapid infrastruture

Road,Water supply and sewerage,Electrical, the internet . Planned infrastructure development such as.

Supported by the Government

A Large scale development project has been started under the corporation of the Government and private enterprises.

Many of the new development plans

More and more of new development plans one after another.

What is the land development project?

Purchasing vacant land

We gather information from regional executives, and purchase a vacant land which is planned to be developed in the future.


Selling land in lots

We also develop the land ourselves with infrastructure development of road, sewerage and electricity, and divide the land into lots.


(Putting a value on the land)

We cooperate with the administration of the land which we develop in order to put a value on the land and raise it.


Selling the land (The last part of the business)

We sell the land for more than about double price of the cost of all. The price will be set with consideration of the development states of the periphery and the land prices of the two major roads that are parallel to each other.

What is the land development project?

We purchase land whose price will rise in the future

We develop the land ourselves.

The price of the land rises

Vacant land
Site preparation
Sewerage work
Drainage basin
Paving roads
Retaining walls
Completion of the lot

The difference between our business and the general real estate investment

General real estate investment
1 It makes investment earnings from rental properties.
2 It needs initial costs and maintenance costs.
3 There’s a possibility that the rentals are vacant.
4 There’s a risk of deterioration.
The land development business
1 We earn the capital gain by selling the land.
2 There’s no initial costs or maintenance costs needed.
3 The development project proceeds.
4 We invest in land which is unexploited, so there’re very little risks that the price of the land falls.
The assets management and selling procedure after purchasing.

Q & A for buyers

Q: When’s the good timing to sell the property after purchasing it?

A: We inform you the market price of it annually or whenever asked.

Q:How does the process of selling go?

A:The exclusive sales team at the local sales office deals with it all the time.

A: We merchandise the property to various clients with the methods of selling which we have developed for many years.

Q:Who does manage the land after purchased?

A:We maintain and manage the land purchased for the project ourselves.

Q:If I don’t live in Cambodia, can I leave all the procedure of selling the property to Ohana Home Japan?

A:We do all the procedure from price negotiation with potential clients, contract concluding, collecting the payment to remitting it to you.