Ohana Japan,
Those who want to play active abroad,
Those already active overseas but who are interested in real estate.
If you are in the same profession,
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Brand management and development
- Formulate action plan and implement launching new brand identity internally & externally.
- Create ideas, templates, visuals and text to efficiently communicate the new brand.
- Develop regulations, procedures, guidelines and internal trainings to ensure the best brand identity compliance (as a Brand Police).
- Build strategic and action plan to develop brand dimensions: Brand awareness, association, preference and loyalty.

Participate in new website project
- Participate in building new website, web-marketing, SEO, and data conversion between the current websites and the new website.

* Others
- Collect information about competitors and create factsheets.
- Contribute to internal and external communication of Easia Travel in Vietnam: Social networks, blog, photo, videos, etc.
- Constantly report and analyze performance & efficiency of actions and tools.
- Perform other duties as assigned by Marketing Manager

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